Covering 750,000 km², Zambia is situated in the centre of Southern Africa and borders Angola, Botswana, the Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mocambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. The population consists of Bantu speaking ethnic groups. The biggest group is the Bemba followed by the Tonga and Rotse. An amazing 9% of the country is declared a nature reserve.

Zambia is not only home to the Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, but has also been acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world to visit. The locals here are welcoming and incredibly friendly, and your face-to-face encounters with wildlife will be some of the best that Africa can offer.

Zambia has the largest water resources in the whole of Southern Africa with five massive lakes and numerous rivers; the opportunities for excellent fishing, canoeing, water rafting and kayaking are abundant. Walking with lions, riding elephants, abseiling and bungi jumping – Zambia has it all and we can take you there for an experience you will never forget!

ZambiaImportant Travel Information for Zambia

Winter in Zambia (May to August) is very pleasant and can be compared with the mediterranean spring: warm, sunny days and clear, cold nights. Average temperature is approximately 23 °C during the day and approx. 6 °C at night. Summer (December to April) is hot and wet with mostly afternoon showers. During these months it’s usually difficult to see animals through the lush green foliage. October and November are usually hot and dry.

Entry & Visa Requirements
To enter Zambia you will need a passport, which is still valid for 6 months after exiting the country.

Visas are issued at the border, and they currently cost USD50 for a single entry visa.
As of October 2015, all foreign nationals who require a visa can apply online via the e-Visa facility:

The Zambian currency is the Kwacha and it fluctuates quite regularly. Banks and Bureau de Change often only accept US Dollars (not the series of 1996). EURO is accepted at some places but not everywhere. It’s best to come into the country with either traveller’s cheques, Dollars or Pounds. Some ATMs accept VISA, only a few MasterCard. Most hotels, restaurants and big shops also accept credit cards.

The official language is English.

230 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs with two round pins, three round pins or three square pins are used.

Zambia has a reliable telecommunication net. However the mobile network outside of cities is not very good.

A yellow fever certificate is mandatory if you are travelling from an infected area. Malaria is present throughout Zambia.