Our Partners

Wikinger Travel

Wikinger Travel offers active holidays, from hiking to biking. Together with Wikinger Travel, we offer a variety of unforgettable tours, on which you can be more than just an observer. In small groups you will drive, hike and bike through South Africa and experience the breathtaking beauty of this continent.

Our tour guides are trained by Wikinger Travel and they will bring you closer to nature, the culture and the people of Africa as you explore many fascinating routes off the beaten track.

DERTOUR Group Travel

DERTOUR Group Travel is our partner for soft adventure tours in Africa. If you have always dreamed of going on safari through the most famous national parks in Africa or to visit the wonders that nature has to offer on this continent, then go to DERTOUR Group Travel. They will tailor-make your unique and individual African adventure!

Our tour guides will take you in small groups to the most beautiful places in Africa. With them, you will follow the tracks of wild animals, experience the most wonderful beaches and impressive cities of Southern Africa, see the country on hikes, boat tours and safaris, or simply relax and enjoy being in Africa.

DERTOUR Study Tours

With DERTOUR Study Tours you can discover the beautiful landscape and diversity of Southern Africa. In small groups, you will explore extraordinary places, enjoy the spectacular fauna and flora, and immerse yourself in foreign cultures and traditions.

With DERTOUR Study Tours, we offer relaxed and joyful group tours, as well as tours combining an interesting cultural tour programme with active walks, where you will get up close and personal with nature.

World Inside Adventure Tours

World Inside tours focus on unforgettable experience, contact with the local residents, and adventures off the beaten track.

Immerse yourself in the San culture and spend time with the people, or meet the Zulus and learn more about their way of life. Wander through breathtaking landscapes, or go on a safari through the African bush. In small groups accompanied by carefully selected guides, we will, together with World Inside, make all this possible.

Humboldt Travel

Together with Humboldt Travel, we take small, exclusive groups to South Africa. Our main focus is on exclusivity and a more relaxed programme with fewer, but more intensive experiences and additional free time in which you can follow your whims, or get recommendations from your tour guide. The small group and the free time allow the guide to focus more closely on the guests, their needs and their wishes.

Eberhardt Travel

The product portfolio of Eberhardt Travel contains guided tours, study tours, active travels and group tours for singles. With Eberhardt Travel, we mainly conduct tours to Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, as well as the newly added cycling tours in South Africa.